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Tips for flawless Sabudana / Sago vada!

Many a times we find the vadas burst in oil.
A lot of reasons behind it.

  1. Important one is excess of water while soaking sabudana/sago.
  2. Ensure that while you insert vada in oil the oil is piping hot. Lukewarm oil can burst your vada and make it oily.
  3. Do not overcook potatoes. They should only be mashed easily and not mushy and watery.
    *Even after all these careful step if your batter is still wet don’t worry.
    Just add 2-3 tablespoon of dry sabudana powder (grind dry sago pearls in mixer grinder) and mix it in the batter.
All you need is starch to bind the vada.
The proportion of sago to potatoes is 2:1.
Less potato more crispy and less oily your vadas can be.

Enjoy and happy cooking!

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