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Soaking sago pearls / Sabudana

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Sabudana khichadi/ Sago pilaf is done right when it comes out soft and fluffy. Each peal of sago comes out clean yet is well cooked in just minutes.

Sago/ sabudana can be a tricky part as the pearls contain a lot of unwanted starch. This starch when left uncleaned turns sticky upon cooking. So a very important process to follow is soaking the sago pearls right.

  1. Take 2 cups of sago pearls in a wide and deep bowl. Bowl to soak them should be double the size and should leave ample room for the pearls to soak and rise.
  2. It takes at least 7-8 hours for the sago to soak completely soft. Give ample time for the process.
  3. Add water to the pearls and gently move your fingers in the pearls. Too much of scrubbing of pearls might wash off the pearls. so lightly wash the extra starch over it.
  4. Remove and discard that water.
  5. Now add 2 cups of water and check . The water level for sago should be just slightly above the pearls in the bowl. Too much of water can make the pearls mushy.
  6. Cover it and allow the pearls to rise for about 7 hours.
  7. After 7 hours you will see light and fluffy pearls are ready. now with a spoon just fluff them and they are ready to use.
  8. If accidentally used extra water it may stay down in the pot and leave the pears mushy.
  9. After about 8-10 hours check your sago by pressing it between two fingers. They should feel soft and get squeezed easily.
  10. If they are not soft enough, just splat a little water couple of times and rest it for another hour.
  11. My mother in law soaks it in buttermilk. It makes it even softer and the pearls taste even better. 


Soak in the morning to use it at night.

You can then use this sabudana for making

  1. Sabudana Khichadi
  2. Sabudana vada
  3. Sabudana Kheer
  4. Sabudana thalipeeth
  5. Sabudana papad

Check a small clip of how to soak your sago/sabudana pearls.

Steps to soak sago/sabudana right

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