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Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

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Craving for sweet? Without sugar?? This recipe is for you then! Caramelized sweet potatoes Or Candied sweet potatoes. Caramelized sweet potatoes can be prepped in advance, and finished in under 10 minutes, right before serving. This recipe is a perfect fasting (vrat)recipe. Do check our flawless Sabudana Khichadi recipe(sago pilaf) for fasting here. It is healthy and delicious and comes together in less than 20 minutes. I sliced them in my food processor and was just a 5 minute job after peeling. 

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Make sure to make it in bulk as it is gonna finish in minutes. It works wonders in your party appetizers too. You can even dice them for a better look. They look pretty and taste even better!

These candied sweet potatoes are delicious and are super easy. Sweet potatoes are a power pack full of nutrients. They contain high amounts of fiber and potassium and can fulfill your daily vitamin A requirements.

They have more natural sugars than regular potatoes but with few calories. So this dish serves a very minimal amount of sugar or even can be made with honey!! So all my keto friends , my vegan followers and weight watchers go for it!

Caramelized sweet potatoes

Rasika Dhadiwal @veggie-bites
Caramelized sweet potatoes is a perfect snack or an appetiser for your cravings. Low in calories sweet potatoes have various health benefits too. This recipe is a keeper as it comes together in just 20 minutes and is delicious.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Indian, World Wide
Servings 4 servings


  • 2-3 Sweet Potatoes (I used white)
  • 4-5 tbsp Sugar/Honey
  • 2 tbsp ghee/butter/clarified butter/vegan butter (Any one)


  • Peel of the sweet potatoes and place them in water. The colour won't turn black in water.
  • Now dice them in slices and still keep in cold water. I used a food processor to dice them.
  • In a pan heat 2 tbsp of clarified butter.
  • Add the sliced sweet potatoes (without water) to it and toss them.
  • Now cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes. Allow the sweet potatoes to cook. Give it a check after a few minutes and stir it a couple of times. 
  • They are  fully cooked when the slice can get easily smashed. 
  • Now add 4-5 tbsp of sugar /brown sugar to it and stir. (2-3 tbsp of honey if not using sugar). 
  • Now allow it to cook without the lid for 1-2 minutes. Overcooking will make it gooey and stretchy. 
  • After switch off the gas flame and add a pinch of cardamom powder to it. Add a few saffron sticks to garnish. The pure aroma of saffron and cardamom will turn your dish into a rich dessert or an appetizer.
Keyword Eggless, sugarfree, sweetpotatoes, vegan, vegetarian

Try this and let me know how you like it. My Dad loves to add warm milk to it and enjoys it without any guilt.
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If you like and try this recipe do write reviews in the comment section below.

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Enjoy healthy eating 😋

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