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Mini vegetable Uttapam/ Rice Pancakes

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Uttapam originates from the southern part of India. It is widely popular among all the Indians. It’s healthy and very filling savoury crepe. Uttapams are made from the dosa batter itself, just that they are a little thick and batter is also slightly thick than dosa.

Dosa,uttapams or idli (Check recipe in link)are popular breakfast items in India. They are healthy, filling and can be made easily if you have the batter readily available. It is popularly served with coconut chutney, sambar(recipe in link) and a podi.

Uttapam/Dosa batter is made by soaking and grinding rice and lentils (urad Dal). It can be home made or readily available in Indian grocery stores. As it’s our family staple I make the batter at home to ensure health and cleanliness while prep.

It’s the favourite foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner…my kids love it in their lunch boxes too.

It’s made either plain or with different toppings. Usually it’s 5-6 inches round in diameter, but I chose a snack size to attract my kids to eat it!

The topping I used is onions, tomatoes , capsicum, and grated cottage cheese (paneer).

Cheese onion uttapam in the picture above is my personal favourite!!

Let’s check out the recipe

Mini Uttapam / Rice Pancakes

CuisineSouth IndianCourseMain
Serves8-10 ServingsAuthor Rasika



3 cups of rice (Ideally parboiled rice) (Refer Notes)

1 cup of urad Dal/lentil (split or whole gram Dal)

1 teaspoon of methi (fenugreek seeds)

1 tablespoon of chana Dal (gram Dal)


Toppings (Optional)

Finely chopped vegetables like



Capsicum/bell peppers

Grated carrots (optional)


Grated paneer/tofu


1. Wash and soak the rice, Dal, fenugreek and gram Dal in water for about 9-10 hrs.

2. Now grind all in a high power grinder with less water to keep a thick paste consistency. (Do not add too much of water)

3. Fermentation

  • Keep the batter for fermentation for about 8-9 hrs.
  • Batter should be kept well covered in a warm and moisturized place. (Microwave, oven, casserole, IP works great)
  • Make sure there is enough room in the container for the batter to rise. 
  • Upon fermentation the batter rises and becomes fluffy and light.

4. After 8-9 hours the batter is ready, add salt to it and mix it well.

5. Heat a Dosa pan /pancake pan and splat water, wipe, apply oil with the help of onion and again wipe it then pour batter on medium flame. Pour about 1 spoon/Ladle of the batter to it.

  • When making bigger ones you have to pour batter on the tawa and roll your spoon/Ladle from centre to the edges in a circular manner to increase the size of the uttapam.

Top it with your favorite topping.

6. Pour oil or butter at the edges and cover the pan.

7. After a few seconds check the uttapam. It turns golden. Now flip it gently. Allow it to cook without the lid.

8. The vegetables get cooked too. Now add your choice of cheese(optional ) and serve it.

9. Serve it with coconut chutney or any other coriander chutney, Karam podi, sambar 😋🍲

Secret tip

*If your batter is not fermented well you can add a paste of any leftover cooked rice in your batter. Make sure you make a fine paste of the cooked rice with water and incorporate it well in the existing batter.

What can go wrong

  • If you add more urad and chana dal the dosa can stick to the pan and also the colour will turn pale yellow.
  • If the proportion of methi/fenugreek seeds is more the batter turns bitter and dosas can burn quickly.
  • If the batter is too flowy it might stick to the pans.
  • The pans should be non-stick and well maintained.
  • Cool pan might cause the dosa/uttapam to stick on it.


  • Same batter can be used for dosa, it is little thinner than the uttapam batter by adding water.
  • Idli batter is different. (Check recipe in link)
  • Ideally parboiled ponni rice is best suited but rice can be any short grain variety.
  • Even Sona masoori, ambe more or any other. Basmati rice is fine too you may have to soak it little bit more.
  • Methi seeds in soaking gives a nice golden colour. It should not be extra as the batter will turn bitter.
  • You can add ½ tablespoon of ground poha/ flat beaten rice to it to make it crispy.
  • These are bite sized uttapam so I made it in a pancake pan.
  • When making bigger ones you have to pour batter on the tawa and roll your spoon from centre to the edges in a circular manner to increase the size of the uttapam.
  • Uttapam is thicker than a dosa. You don’t have to roll the batter much while spreading it.
  • The tawa should be hot and on low to medium when you pour batter.
  • To start, heat the pan, splat water, wipe, apply oil with the help of onion and again wipe it then pour batter on medium flame.
  • This batter can be stored upto 5 days well covered in the refrigerator.
  • You can use idli rice or any other rice , ideally used parboiled rice.


High content urad dal/lentils this helps in the protein requirement of the body

Uttapam is loaded with carbohydrates and protein. With the high content of urad dal/lentils this helps to fulfill the protein requirement of the body.

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