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There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw

Hello all! I am Rasika.

Welcome to Veggie.bites! This is my little world of cooking delicious traditional and new, Indian as well as other cuisines.

Hope we all have a great time here!

All about me

I am a foodie, blogger, jewelry designer and an artist by profession. I love to cook, eat and explore the food techniques.

Totally new to this blogging world I am thrilled with food styling and trying my hands on new photography techniques everyday.

Married for 11 years now I love to be a mother of my 2 little munchkins, a daughter 8 years old and a son 5 years old. They always keep me on my toes. 

My husband and my daughter are the biggest foodies of all time at the same time my soul critics. They are my real inspiration

behind cooking and trying out various dishes and experiments.

My son however is reluctant to try new dishes but he has real honest reviews if he happens to taste some.

I strongly give my cooking credits to my genes. Yes! Privileged that both my grandmothers, my mom and now my mom in law are fabulous in this art. They have definitely taught me the techniques and the science with minimum budgeted resources.

Born in a Jain joint family we always had food which was rich in values and healthy. So it was definitely an experimenting and a learning process all way.

Blogging is definitely new to me. I am putting my best efforts to put together my cooking skills and the modern techniques to deliver the best possible to you all.

I am totally obsessed with this art and loving the new techniques of photography and social media. It’s all about putting together my efforts, morals, my reading and my skills in cooking.

Why Veggie.bites

Staying in the USA for a while now we definitely miss our life back in India. We loved the street food, the restaurants and of course home cooked meals in our hometown.

Being vegetarian we find it really challenging to explore new restaurants and street food here. Hence I keep on experimenting and satisfying my cravings by trying my hands on new and challenging ingredients.

In our busy schedules and work life culture I also feel the need to share our good old traditional recipes to bring back the beautiful memories and time spent with your loved ones. Reading my blog and recipes might help those who really miss their home and the home cooked food.

At Veggie.bites

Here I will be discussing various traditional and new Indian and Indo-western as well as continental recipes.

Of course all my cooking has a strong influence from India. So there is cooking with values too. A strong believer of ayurveda I love to cook with fresh herbs, seasonal veggies and fruits and I love my spices.

I have strongly believed that an aromatic dish is a first sign of a yummy dish!

The perfect balance of spices and flavours along with the right combinations in ayurveda helps your body eat mindfully too.

Along with these regular cooking I will be also sharing my hands on eggless baking journey with you all. As I said being a jain, cookies, cakes and eggless desserts are always a homemade thing for us.

With the recent trends of vegan and plant based cooking I will definitely share my experience in that too. And various diet programs like keto, yes mindful eating is a part of keto!

I will be sharing the best possible ways to try your hands on and the easy as well as cooking from scratch methods. Along with cooking some easy hacks, tips and tricks which have helped me in my cooking will also be passed on to you all. You will definitely love the details and the easy ways and love cooking.


Veggie bites were a result of my instincts to help people develop the love for this art and understand the science behind it. Cooking is a great science first which helps us communicate to our body.

It’s an art later!!

My mom and my mother in law have always given me hands on tips on great cooking and I always try my best to make finger licking food as they do.

My husband is a great foodie and he is the best critic too. His taste buds help me in detailed cooking.

Kids help me try new and fancy foods. Their lunch box and snack time is a real challenge.

All this put together in creating Veggie.bites.

Me and My hobbies:

All time foodies I love the mumbai special pav bhaji and the pune local street food the bhel puri!

I love potato chips and Cadburys five star chocolate.I do not prefer sharing it with anyone.

Baking keeps me calm and I love brownies and the whopping chocolate that goes in..

Diamonds are my first love and I love designing diamond and precious stone jewelry. I miss those days when I did my diamond grading and worked as a jewelry designer.

Portraits are my passion and I love painting. It keeps me balanced with my mind and thoughts.

Me and my kids love yoga and we keep trying surya namaskar and pranayama techniques at home.

Kids involve me in their school projects and I love to develop new ideas and techniques in them. My daughter is a mini techie and teaches me math at times! Lol !!

So this is me putting my whole heart out here and having a great time chatting with you. Hope you too had a similar experience.

It will be great seeing you here and sharing your views, opinions and ideas will definitely be warmly welcomed.

Have fun and enjoy healthy eating and cooking!

Rasika Gaurav Dhadiwal